Easy Persian Cats Care Tips

Every pet owner knows that like any animals, cats need our attention and should not be physically harmed. Most cat breeds are very easy to take care but Persian cats require special attention. Persian cats have long and soft fur so most would think that shedding would be a problem. But unlike other long furred animals, Persian cats shed minimally. This is one reason why they are favored inside the house. Taking care of these cats will not be a hassle as long as you follow simple Persian cats care tips.

Yes, Persian cat does not shed a lot but because of its long furs, they tend to get in the way of what the cat is doing. One problem with its fur is that when your cat poops, some of it sticks to its fur making the cat look dirty and smell bad too. Another problem is that it easily gets mats on its fur which makes it annoying for both you and the cat to get rid of.

To prevent these fur problems, make sure you comb its fur and not brush it. Brushing is not as effective as combing the fur because it leaves some dead fur on the undercoat. Combing its fur daily prevents the fur to tangle with one another. You can also have its fur cut into a lion clip. Its fur will be similar to the lion’s fur. This will remove the fur around its rectum which will prevent the poop from sticking on it. These are some of the basic Persian cat care tips which should be done by the owner regularly.

Here are some Persian cat care tips:

1. Do not play with your cat using your hand especially when the game involves biting. Use toxic free toys instead of your hand to prevent biting habits and avoid unwanted injuries.

2. Keep small objects like coins, pins, eraser and matches away from the cat’s reach. When eaten, it may cause serious injuries to your cat. They might choke on it while others are simply poisonous to your cat.

3. Cats are naturally curious so they tend to lick and smell anything that will trigger their curiosity. So bear in mind to keep soaps, detergents or any hazardous chemicals in a closed storage. It is also best to keep your cat in its cage when you are cleaning the house.

4. Do not allow your cat to over eat. This will cause obesity, vomiting and other health problems. Feed your cat at a specific time. Do not allow your cat to have access to its food whenever it wishes by leaving its bowl full every time.

5. Do not let your cat wander outside your property. Your cat might get into fights, run over by a car or stolen by other people. Always accompany your cat when walking outside.

Cats have precious life that should be treasured. These Persian cat care tips are important to keep your Persian cat happy, healthy and safe from harm.

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