Pregnancy and Birth Control Pills

The contraceptive tablet (also called “the tablet”) is a every day tablet containing hormones that alter the functioning of the physique to forestall being pregnant. Hormones are chemical compounds that management the functioning of physique organs. On this case, the tablet hormones management the ovaries and uterus.

The way it works

Most contraception tablets are “mixture tablets” containing a mixture of estrogen and progesterone to forestall ovulation (the discharge of an egg throughout the menstrual cycle). If you don’t ovulate, ladies cannot develop into pregnant as a result of there is no such thing as a egg to fertilize. One other impact of the tablet is the thickening of the mucus surrounding the cervix, making it onerous for sperm to enter the uterus and attain any egg which will have been launched. In some circumstances, the hormones within the tablet may have an effect on the uterine lining, making it troublesome for the egg from attaching to their partitions.

Most mixture tablets are available in presentation for 21 days or 28 days. You’re taking a hormone tablet every single day at about the identical time for 21 days. In keeping with the presentation, cease taking the tablet for seven days (within the presentation for 21 days) or taking a tablet with out hormones for seven days (within the presentation for 28 days). Girls menstruate after they cease taking hormone tablets. Some ladies choose the presentation for 28 days as a result of it helps them get within the behavior of taking a tablet every single day.

There may be additionally a sort of mixture tablet that reduces the frequency of menstruation, is because of take a hormone tablet for 12 weeks after which a placebo for seven days. This reduces the frequency of menstruation to as soon as each three months as an alternative of as soon as a month.

One other kind of tablet that may alter the frequency of menstruation is the tablet with low dose of progesterone, additionally known as mini-pill. This sort of birth control pill differs from the remainder as a result of it has just one kind of hormone (progesterone) fairly than a mixture of estrogen and progesterone. It really works by altering the mucus lining and cervix and, in some circumstances, it additionally impacts ovulation. The mini tablet may be barely much less efficient in stopping being pregnant than the mix tablets.

The mini tablet is taken every single day with out interruption. Girls who take the mini-pill might not menstruating or have irregular menstrual interval. To work, the mini-pill is taken on the similar time every single day, with out lacking any doses.

All contraceptive tablets are simpler if taken every single day on the similar time, whether or not you intend to have intercourse or not. That is much more vital for progesterone-only tablets.

Once you first begin taking the tablet throughout the first seven days, ladies ought to use a further methodology of contraception comparable to condoms to forestall being pregnant. After seven days, the tablet could also be used alone to forestall being pregnant. You may nonetheless use condoms to forestall sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs).

If ladies cease taking the tablet or neglect to take them, the contraceptive methodology won’t work and should discover another, comparable to condoms. Another choice is to cease having intercourse for some time. Don’t take the tablets from a buddy or relative.

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