Vacation Rentals

Vacation is a very important aspect of ones living routine. I call it routine as it takes place religiously each year, year after year. One makes this routine different by changing the elements of vacation. The place to stay and the vacation destination.

Having decided the location that one wants to visit, the next point on the agenda is to choose where to stay. While most people choose a hotel offering all facilities to compliment the vacation. A few more adventurous and experienced ones however choose to stay in a vacation rental. Yes, a vacation rental is now extremely popular way to stay during a vacation. It has many advantages over a hotel stay.

Whatever one does, however meticulously one plans the hotel stay, there are chances that not everything will be to every ones liking during the vacation. A vacation experience is sensitive to perfection of delivery of services. This is where most of the time the vacation seeker feel let down or dissatisfied, and this one element becomes a sour point to spoil the vacation experience.

Usually world over, people go on vacation with the family or with a group of friends. There are a number of people going together and for them to enjoy the vacation staying together or staying close assumes great importance. Hotels normally promise allocating adjoining rooms to a group. Most of the time however, this does not happen when you check in. You are not only in rooms far apart but also on different floor of the hotel. Your vacation starts on a wrong note. You start disliking the hotel from that moment.

What seems to be a perfect answer to address this issue is a private accommodation on short lease. Today world over break water point vacation rentals are available in most tourists destinations like beach resorts, golf resorts, mountain resorts or ski resorts. These are ranging from studio apartments to five or six bedroom, attached baths, even long baths in independent villas with their own swimming pool and all other facilities. The rentals vacation range from economy to super luxury options. The rental homes are fully furnished and serviced. The equipping includes fully fitted kitchen or pantry, laundry and ironing to even a vacuum cleaner. Each one in the group can have his or her own bedroom, make and eat what one likes and when one wants. The vacation homes are also wireless enabled for you to surf on your laptop and provided with a telephone and TV. Goa offers some stunning beach vacation rentals to the tourists.

Like in the west, vacation homes are fast gaining popularity in the east also. India, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore have a host of such facilities and in different price range. The availability of vacation homes is for beach vacation rentals, cabin rental, apartment rentals and home rentals, a total package of rentals vacation offer. Countries with shortage of hotel rooms are encouraging the owners of good accommodation to switch to this concept. On one hand, the concept provides much needed accommodation to the tourists on the other hand it is a profitable source of income to the owner and boosts the local economy.

The concept is unique, it brings smile on the face of the tourist, the owner of the vacation home and the tourism authority. Vacation rental seems to be a viable tourism segment that will become its main stay in the years to come.

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